Delta Echo Productions LLC was officially founded in January 2015 by a group of individuals with a like-minded
desire to create material that would inspire minds and change hearts. As performers, writers and directors we have collectively been a part of over 300 projects before deciding to give a name and a home the multiple scripts we
have written or developed.Our long term goal is to develop and produce full-feature films with the aspirations many of those set for theatrical release.






Devin Rumer attended The Ohio State University his time as a United States Marine. His interest in film peaked when he started out working as a background actor in D.C. on several large films. He worked his way up to lead roles on with National Geographic and after moving to Los Angeles to continue pursuing acting, landed roles on CSI and various daytime television. worked at CBS, Showtime, Fox, Disney several other large conglomerates. Taking into account his years of experience in various fields, he is a story-teller who leads the writing team and performs as Delta Echo’s CEO.  Devin started out in the business as an actor in D.C. where he watched and learned the techniques he now uses from some of the best in the business. He sees projects through till the end.


Eve’s first intention was to study theatre and to become an actress. Although she enjoyed “becoming” different characters on stage she knew that something was missing. She quickly discovered that her passion lied elsewhere, in producing. She wanted a career that involved being in charge and being constantly challenged.  A major breaking point for her was when she realized there was no money to be made in live theatre, she then transitioned in to films.